Monday, January 30, 2017

Sneak Peek at Baja Brody's Adventure Buddies coming in 2017.

Meet Mia, Willy and JoJo!

Baja Brody has some fun new characters joining the next few adventure books. He will share the page with some new friends. Messy Mia, silly Willy and JoJo the genius. 

These are some preliminary drawings without the shading, I love them, there will be some minor changes for the final sketches. However, I really like that Ralph Thomas knows how to bring my ideas to life with such great detail. I could not be more pleased. 

Sometimes life gets in the way and our plans get put on the back burner while we move about our daily lives. Ralph and I have had many completion dates pushed back due to those realities in our lives. We always put family first, work and all else can become quite consuming at times which put our visions to the side for completing projects on a planned time line.

"Baja Brody Dreams Big" will be the next big adventure. 

This is a great year for Baja Brody in 2017, I look forward to sharing his Dreamy Adventure with you.

We appreciate all of Baja Brody's followers and fans support, comments and reviews. 

Thank you All!

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