Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Parents Beware! Technology Alert.

Parents Beware!
I think every parent with a child who spends time online and playing video games on any form of electronics, should take a moment to read the article posted below on the New York Post. Pass it along to your friends and do your best to find a happy medium within the virtual world in which our children spend extracurricular time.

I came across this while researching melt down's and addictions in children with video game overexposure.

The dangers introduced from a child logging onto the computer used to be of a different type. We never imagined that it would be a mind altering experience that would change personality traits into a negative state of being, simply by playing games online that were created for our children.

We all live in a very technological society and as parents we are encouraged to be proactive in our children's educational process and to nurture the technology aspect of learning because "it is the future of this generation."

It is quite frightening when we read what research is finding now due to the very tools they are being persuaded to learn through. Our schools use video games to teach and ipads, notebooks, iphones and of course laptops and computers and it's all fun and games until the media shares information that your child's physical well being is affected by the usage of these things.

Tools like these games directed toward our youngsters that will stimulate the brain can have the inferno effect just the same as the use of cocaine in the brain, which is a devastating conclusion to have to wrap your head around.

I am not going to get crazy and take everything away and send them into a spiral of depression because what good would it do? After all they have to go to school and participate and we too have to support the educational system that we entrust our children to learn from. So what are we as parents to do?

I don't have the answer to that one, however, I will do my personal best to educate myself and my friends and family and pass the information along so that others can make an informed decision on how to manage these issues within their own household. 

I am a firm believer that reading a good old fashioned book, is a healthy way to feed your child's mind. Using imagination increases the rate of learning, which also gives them an opportunity to expand their vocabulary.

With school starting up, homework and extracurricular activities, your family life resuming on a full schedule, it would be beneficial to fuel the fire by taking trips to the bookstore and letting them pick what the next escape will be. Life gets busy, but there is no replacement for the feeling, smell and texture of turning the pages and holding a book in your hands. It will always bring nostalgia for that great story book you once read as a kid, will the technology do the same?  

I believe imagination and creativity is everything, remind your young ones how wonderful  it is to experience the great escape into another world.

They will thank you later.

For more information on the research of this important issue please visit the links below by copy and pasting into your browser.

 Digital Drugs for your child's brain



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