Friday, April 15, 2016

Reverse Reading Day


Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending time with the students at Somerset Stephanie Academy in the Kindergarten class as a guest listener.

This week the children all read their AR books to the parent volunteers instead of being the audience.

I love seeing the kids so excited about reading! There were happy readers and high fives for everyone.

Everyone knows how much I love kids and I truly want to give Kudos to the Kindergarten Teachers out there, YOU ROCK! So much energy in a classroom full of kindergartner's.

TEACHERS RULE! Thank you for nurturing our children and giving them the tools to succeed from early on in their lives.  What a gift you have, patience, kindness and sincere love.

I hope more parents will sign up to volunteer and share in the joy that comes across your children's faces when they see you helping out in a classroom.

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