Wednesday, March 23, 2016

2016 Spring Fling at the Clark County Library!

The 2016 Spring Fling was a treasured experience.

Sharing Baja Brody with Clark County Libraries and Networking with local Authors.
Aldo and Pilar Martinez are Baja Brody fans too!

Author Toni Pacini. The two of us together are always double the trouble. 
Author Andres Fragoso Jr.  
Author A.R. Shanendoah with The Henderson Writers' Group Author table... I spy Baja Brody!
Author Alba Arango fundraising.. or was it raiding?? 

All in all  it was a fabulous day of networking and meeting new Authors with great talent and I even sold a few books to boot.  I enjoyed sharing information and soaking in conversations and stories with interesting people that make up the local talent. Until Next Years Spring Fling.... We will be back with Baja Brody's newest adventure.
Thank you all for a great day!

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