Tuesday, October 20, 2015


I had the pleasure of attending the award ceremony with the local Author Paul Atreides.  There were several excited winners and Executive Director Dianna Fuchs did a fabulous job putting it together and announcing the winners.
It was held in Las Vegas at the Vegas Valley Book Festival in the Poetry Courtyard. 401 S. 4th Street, downtown.
The winners of this year's awards were from all over the U.S.
Some of the winners included Authors:
Epiphany Schwarz
JC Whyte
Betty Bolte
Jan Landsberg
Lorilyn Roberts
Nancy Castle
Cheryl Carpinello
Nancy Scalabroni
Carol Hartnell
Kevin Janison

The evening held a private author's reception at the Golden Nugget Hotel in the fabulous Gold Digger's Lounge.  It was a lovely evening of shaking hands with some fellow author's who stood out from the crowd with their work.  Congratulations to all of this year's winning Literary Classics.

For more information on this event you can visit:

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