Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Baja Brody First Book Signing was a great Success.

The guest star of the book signing, our very own Brody stopped in to take some pictures with mommy and fans. I was in great company as doodles sat with us on the table, we gave out stickers to everyone and had coloring pages and a table set up where kid's (and adults) could sit and color. What a great experience this first book signing was.
The Writer's Block Book Store was a great place to hold professional Author meet and greets with fans.  It got a little crowded at times, but that meant that we had a full house of visitors popping in to support our Local Author Showcase. Overall, it was a wonderful time.  All of us Authors had a successful day and we received news that it was the largest success yet for the stores monthly Local Author Showcase. One author Alba Arango had to send family to fetch more books as she ran out so fast. Huge sales. It was fun to meet the other authors and see how they put together their tables etc.  I am still learning and enjoying the lessons from the seasoned writer's who have been doing this a while.

Weeks before the big day I got so nervous just thinking about what this day would be like.  I worried about everything that could possibly go wrong.  Worst thought was that absolutely no one would show up at all. Thankfully, I was wrong.  Many friends, family and friends of the family's and Baja Brody fans showed up and took pictures with us and purchased signed copies.  It's a really neat feeling.  I had a dream to be a published author for years and with a lot of dedication those dreams are coming true.

I am extremely thankful for Ralph Thomas, my incredible Illustrator.  Without him, the book would not be what it is. He saw my vision and never complained when I wanted to change something.  He was so easy to work with and always so kind and professional.  His talents far exceed mine yet he made me feel good about every decision.

I am thankful to Andres Fragoso Jr. for being there, helping me set up and tear down and bringing his positive energy to keep me from being a nervous train wreck.  I am grateful to my wonderful Bill Bonwell and his family, my Henderson Writer's Group family, all of them, for coming to show support and even purchase books for young family members. And of course I am grateful for Chris Lane, Brody's dad for bringing him downtown to help mommy sign the very Baja Brody books that were created in his honor because of the inspiration he was for me to write the story.  Every moment was a treasure. I am humbled.

I will be looking forward to many more moments like these involving Baja Brody and all of his new adventures.

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