Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Creative Summer Fun With Baja Brody

Painting with fingers is always fun! Messy and worth the giggles and memories. He is so proud. Your kids will be too.

Supplies you will need:
1 roll artist tape
Tempera Paint (washable) (use a paper plate)
A canvas of any size of your choice
Paint brushes/sponges/ stamps (optional)
Satin Finish spray

First step is to apply the tape onto the canvas in whatever shape or name you would like to see left as an imprint. It lifts easily so that you can play with it until you achieve the look you want.

Pour the paint onto the paper plate, several colors are fine.
Allow them to use fingers, brushes, stamps and even sponges if you like.  They can paint right over the tape.

We painted onto Brody's hand and made a nice imprint for a time keepsake.

Allow to dry.  (It dries fast, we used a cool fan.)

HERE IS THE FUN PART... Let them peel off the tape and see the fabulous art they have created.

When fully dry, spray the finish on and your masterpiece is complete. Allow to dry fully before wrapping up or hanging.

This makes a great gift.  With Father's day quickly arriving, it would be cherished by Dad for sure.
It is a simple and inexpensive way to create memories and spend family time.

For an added lesson... Use it as a tool to teach them how to mix colors.  We had fun learning which colors turned into something completely different by mixing just a drop or two of another.

Have fun!

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