Saturday, May 9, 2015

Ring a familiar bell parents?

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Supermoms and superdads alike... You're tired and the long day at work, picking up kids, running them to soccer and gymnastics, karate or piano, has exhausted and zapped your last ounce of energy. You still have to cook dinner, feed the kids, assist with homework, and get baths before reading time and finally bedtime. Aka... Drop into your kitchen to finish the dishes and pick up toys, answer some emails, play on Facebook and finally fall into bed to watch the inside of your eyelids and try to organize all of the kids' agendas and extracurricular activities and remember what your boss said was absolutely imperative to complete by day's end, with the single brain cell left functioning upstairs.
While all of this true life is happening, your kids still need to be nurtured and acknowledged. Not just going through the motions, I know it's hard and we all feel the burn most days.

Today I would love to see the merry go round madness stop. Halt. Slow down and play... yes, I said PLAY.

Pretend to have a fabulous tea party with your child and guests, or play outside in a sandbox with your toes wiggling in the sand with your munchkin. Close your eyes and get nostalgic, what was it you loved to do as a kid? What was your favorite imaginative made up game or fun that you enjoyed? Do this, share this with your children, and interact with them. Keep the juices flowing and the stories going. Your kids will remember those moments’ mom and dad jumped on the couch or bed with them. They won't soon forget the root beer burping contest or the monsters in the closet hiding game. A little hide and seek goes a long way into a child's world. Engage, and enjoy building memories and bring out your inner child to remember how much fun it is to be a kid. I can promise it's worth having finger foods for dinner and having dessert first! Imaginary friends don't eat much, but boy are they fun to share a giggle with. Play, Laugh, Imagine.

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