Monday, May 4, 2015

Meet Baja Brody

Baja Brody’s Adventure series, is based on Christina Willis’ five year old son, Brody Christopher. He is the baby in a line-up of five children. From the day he was born, he has been a great source of love, humor, and entertainment for his family. 

Writing a children’s book was a fun idea that eventually was brought to fruition as she and Brody's father, Christopher Lane, documented some of the crazy things he did and continues to do using his active imagination. Brody, is an extremely creative, playful, energetic little boy. 

He loves to make people laugh and is very inquisitive.  He has what Christina calls an obsession with keys of any kind. He can name every key on your key-ring after being told what it opens. His memory is amazing as he remembers what each one is on your next visit. 

With his fascination of trophy truck races from the Mint 400 to the Baja 1000 he fell in love with off-road racing of any kind. 
Brody,  learned to ride a quad from a very young age, and loves anything with wheels. He loves to watch Nitro Circus and the Gang and often pretends he is a stunt man.

Brody’s adventure series depicts how his activities come to life through the shadows of what he is imagining. This brings the stories to life in a different perspective for children to comprehend what’s happening from his point of view. 

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